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This is a blog of I started as part of  my literature review of Trauma and Vicarious Trauma. I hope some of the points of discussion will be useful for those who are interested in this topic. I am not claiming to be an expert but hope will share my learning (and mistakes!) with anyone reading this blog.

As a female Muslim of Asian origins I am aware that my own gender and cultural background will influence how I will see the material that is written about this area. I start this blog with the opening phrase from the Quran which means “In the name of Allah the Most Gracious and Most Merciful”. As trauma touches on aspects of death and the anxiety surrounding it, this will inevitably bring up discussions of how the individual perceives these issues if not in religious terms, at least in philosophical terms. As I am unfamiliar with Western philosophy, this blog will also include my learning journey on this subject.

The title of the blog is a two part reference. ‘Authentic’ refers the congruency in the counsellor which is part of the Carl Rogers ‘Core Conditions’. The second part ‘Attendance’ refers the counsellor being a witness and attendant to the to the client. Specifically in this case, as a witness to the trauma experienced by the client. Orange (1975) and Miller(1990) speaks of the trauma being validated to enable it to seem ‘real’  to the individual who is traumatized. In witnessing trauma, a counsellor plays an important part in helping the client make sense of the traumatic experience but this can also leave a profound and lasting impact on the counsellor herself. It is hoped that thus blog will be able to look at the different aspects of this impact on the counsellor. I will include any references to papers, books, websites and other references as I come along. I hope that this blog will be an interesting and educational discussion on the topic and welcome any constructive contributions to the subject.

Thank You

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